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950GP - Oxygen Pressure Gauge

950GP Bourdon Tube Oxygen Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology

Bourdon Tube Oxygen Pressure Gauge

The Budenberg 950GP has an impressive technical specification with a wide range of standard features that make it the obvious choice for a wide range of process and engineering applications.

It embodies an all 316 Stainless Steel case and bezel construction, the 950GP incorporates a solid baffle wall and blow out back for operator protection and standard features such as IP67 environmental protection , not normally available on comparative units.

The 950GP has been specifically manufactured for use on OXYGEN and as such is cleaned for Oxygen service with no oil or grease contamination. A restrictor in the inlet is a standard feature.


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The Budenberg 950GP Pressure Gauge is suitable for the following applications / industries

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Budenberg 950GP Specifications

Size 100mm (4") & 150mm (6")
Direct, Surface and Flush
Case & Bezel Rugged one-piece full Safety Pattern case to S3 standard with a solid baffle partition wall and full blow out back manufactured in 1.6mm thick, 316L stainless steel.
Scale Ranges
0 to 600 mbar to 0 to 1400 bar Pressure.
Equivalent units of pressure / vacuum available. Single and dual scales are also available.
Pressure Element
Overload Protection
Units withstand overload pressure upto 130% of FSD. Overload & vacuum stops are fitted on the movement.
Pressure Connection in 316 Stainless Steel
1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" BSP
Other connections available.
Accuracy Class
CL:1 1.0% of FSD as defined in EN837-1
Option: 0.5% of FSD as defined in EN837-1
Operating: -20 to +90°c
Storage: -40 to +100°c
Options for lower or higher operating temperatures, please contact our office
Temperature Effect Variation in indication caused by temperature shall not exceed +0.04 x (t2 - t1)% of the span where: t1 is the reference ambient temperature in degrees celsius / t2 is the ambient temperature in degrees celsius
Environmental IP67 as defined in EN 60 529
Certification & Traceability
Individually calibrated with a unique serial number printed on the dial.
Certificate of Conformity traceable to National Standards is supplied
Available Certification: BS EN 10204 3.1B Material Certification
Point to Point Test Certificate
All instruments are individually calibrated and have a unique Serial Number printed on the dial.
Safety All units are manufactured to comply with EN837-1, S3 Specification and other regulatory standards including PED.


Classic 950GP Series Dial Specifications

Size 100mm (4") & 150mm (6")
White Anodised Aluminium marked in black finish
Marked "Oxygen" and "Use no Oil" in red triangle
Single or Dual Scale available
Aluminium coloured Black
Options: Micrometer Adjustable Pointer
Stainless Steel Construction
Options: Viscous Damped movement to overcome the effects of minor pressure pulsations
3mm laminated Safety Glass (standard)
Option: Acrylic Plastic Window

950GP Pressure Gauge Specification Sheet Download

To view all the information on the Budenberg 950GP Pressure Gauge you can download the data sheet here