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E.S. Sensor - Self Powered Gauge

ES Sensor by AJD InstrumentsExternally Mounted Sensor

The E.S. Sensor from AJD Instruments is an externally mounted self powered gauge, it is suitable for both industrial and marine applications.

Fully automatic with no power required, the E.S. sensor is simple to install and safe in hazardous environments, with continuous read-outs. It is manufacturered from various materials to suit the liquids to be gauged.

This sensor is suitable for most liquids, from Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesal and Lub Oils, to potable, bilge and sea water. The E.S. sensor comes with both Bureau Veritas and DNV type approval certifications, for marine applications.


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  • 3/4 BSP female connection
  • 316 stainless steel and mild steel bodies available
  • Capillary up to 25 metres
  • Sutable for indusrial and marine markets
  • Weatherproof
  • Continuous read-out


This range of gauges has been developed to accept a pressure transmitter from which a 4-20mA signal can be received (not in hazardous areas)