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FlatTrak 780S-UHP Bulk High Purity Gas Custody Transfer Flow Meter

Flattrak 780S UHP Gas Custody Flowmeter by SierraFlatTrak 780S-UHP Bulk High Purity Gas Custody Transfer to Semicon Fabs Flow Meter

The FlatTrak™ 780S-UHP ultra high purity flow meter from Sierra Instruments is the industry-choice for bulk gas distribution service in semiconductor fabs, in pharmaceutical production and other ultra-clean processes. Real-time monitoring of gas usage provides reliable information on the consumption and usage patterns in the manufacturing area and may also be used for both billing and diagnostic purposes.

The 780S-UHP is constructed with 316L electropolished tubing with 7-10 Ra (UHP) interior and is also available in pipe sizes from 0.5 up to 12 inches (1.27 to 30.4 cm) and is offered with buttweld connections and a VCR probe-connection fitting.

Featuring Sierra Instrument’s unique FlowTrak dual-plate flow conditioning element to eliminate velocity profile distortions as well as swirl and temperature stratification in the gas stream. The FlatTrak™ 780S-UHP also reduces piping straight run requirements to as little as three upstream diameters and as a result, you save money on installation costs when compared to an orifice-plate where at least 20 upstream piping diameters are required for optimal performance.

Operating Principal: Thermal dispersion technology for direct mass flow measurement featuring no pressure or temperature compensation needed, no moving parts, low pressure drop, high turndown.

FlatTrak 780S-UHP Flow Meter features

  • Measuring Range 0 to 20,000 sfpm (100 smps)
  • Measure all inert gases and all non-condensing clean gases
  • Ultra high purity interior finishes
  • Built-in flow conditioning elements drastically reduce upstream straight run requirements
  • Buttweld connections and a VCR probe-connection fitting
  • Field Validation/Congiration to assure operating performance
  • Dual range capability
  • Low pressure drop
  • Flow totaliser and alarms
  • No moving parts
  • Flow-range adjustment and validation and diagnostics
  • Field rangeability
  • Flow totaliser and alarms
  • Large LCD display
  • Hazardous Are locationb enclosure (IP66) and NEMA4X (IP65)
  • Corrosive gases compatible iwth 316L stainless steel


FlatTrak 780S-UHP Gas Custody Transfer Flowmeter Document Downloads

DOWNLOAD PDF  for the 780S High Purity Gas Flow Meter


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