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CalTrak XL for Gas Flow Calibration

CalTrak XL High Flow Gas Flow Calibrator by Sierra Instruments

Primary Standard High-Flow Gas Flow Calibration

The Sierra Instruments CalTrak® XL is the leading high-flow primary standard calibrator on the market today. The XL is used for the calibration and verification of mass flow meters, controllers, variable area flow meters, and precision in-situ calibration of industrial flow meters and controllers.

With the increased demand for higher flows of process gas, there is a heavy demand to validate and calibrate high flow gas meters and controllers.  

Has a wide calibration, so a single XL system will accurately calibrate so-called low flow devices from 15 slpm, as well as much higher flow devices up to 1500 slpm. 

Sierra manufactures the CalTrak XL to ISO 17025 standards at an NVLAP-accredited lab using assets that are directly traceable to NIST.


  • Begin to calibrate up to 1500 slpm
  • Replace bell provers or sonic nozzle arrays
  • Bring ± 0.15% of reading accuracy to the factory floor
  • Quick, easy to use, automatic data capture 
  • Results directly traceable to NIST

Specifications & Downloads
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Benefits of the CalTrak XL

  • The performance of only the highest level metrology laboratories can now be yours
  • Accurate high flow primary standard for labs & industry
  • Less expensive than bell provers, sonic nozzle arrays and popular secondary standards
  • Flexible all-in-one multiple cells eliminates switching cells
  • Proven dimensionally-based primary standard accuracy backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis
  • Manufactured to ISO 17025 standards at an NVLAP-accredited lab
  • Cover a broad set of instrument flow ranges at your facility
  • Collected data is directly traceable to NIS
  • Surpasses pressure-based secondary methods
  • Everything you need to do your own flow calibration
  • Suitable for most non-corrosive gases
  • Accurate and reliable gas flow readings independent of gas species measured
  • Reading options: Single, continuous or burst, with user-selectable averaging from 1 to 100
  • Run automatically in continuous mode or operate manually (one flow reading at a time)
  • Take up to up to 100 measurements in an average continuous mode sequence
  • Easy-to-use, large LCD readout screen and 23-button keypa
  • Generates calibration certificate easily
  • Communicate via RS-232, USB, and use free CalSoft® software included
  • CalSoft® software automatically acquires flow data for easy data export
  • No mercury or other hazardous materials
  • Low maintenance

Industries suitable for use

  • Analytical
  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Custody Trasnfer Billing
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Life Science
  • Medical Devices

CalTrak XL Specifications

To view all the specifications for the CalTrak XL you can download the data sheet here



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