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61N Gauge Vent Valve

61N Multiport Gauge & Vent Valve Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology

Multiport Gauge and Gauge Vent Valve

The Budenberg 61N range of Gauge Vent and Multi Port Needle valves allow the installation of Pressure Gauges, Switches and low cost Transmitters without multiple penetrations of the process piping.

These economic, highly versatile valves provide endless solutions for instrumentation measurement, calibration or venting applications.

The standard configuration for the Multiport Valves has a male or female process inlet with three 1/2" NPT outlet connections. Similarly the Gauge Vent Valves has only one 1/2" NPT outlet and a 1/4" NPT Vent connection in the side of the unit. All units with a male process connection can also be supplied with either a standard or extended weldable connection.

All units incorporate the Budenberg Needle Valve Head assembly that is suitable for operating pressures up to 10,000 psig and temperatures up to 450 oC in conformance to ASME / ANSI B16.34 Class 2500.

The 61N is available in a full range of materials, configurations, connections and options, ensure that there is a model for virtually any application or environment.


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The Budenberg 61N Vent Valves are suitable for the following applications / industries

Oil and Gas Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Oil & Gas
Pressure Gauge
Petrochemical Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Pressure Gauge
Power Generation Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Power Generation
Pressure Gauge


Features of the Budenberg 61N Vent Valves  

Stem Packing
  • Fully adjustable, dynamically responsive, multi ring 'gland sandwich' in either PTFE or Graphoil to resist all operating and and process requirements. Budenberg offer 100% gland integrity for the lifetime of every valve
Stem Tip
  • Self centring, non rotating stem tip provides a true metal to metal valve seat as the material of the stem tip is one grade harder than the body thus resisting overtightening, preventing wear and guaranteeing a 100% bubble tight seat closure, first time, every time.
  • Anti-static, anit blow-out stems
  • True metal to metal Body / Bonnet joints. Bonnets are assemble with a bonnet locking pin to prevent accidental removal
  • Pressure & Temp' ratings as ASME / ANSI B 16.34 Class 2500
  • T' Bar operator with anti torque break feature
  • Adjustable multi stage stem packing in either PTFE or Graphoil
  • Material Certification to EN 10204 3.1b inc Mill Certificates
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • CE Certificate of Conformity
  • Other testing / documentation / certification can be supplied dependant upon the contract / project requirements.


The Budenberg Vent Valves construction Specifications

Standard Configurations
Vent Valves have a process inlet connection and a single outlet connection as well as a 1/4" female vent connection. Multiport Valves have a process input connection and three srewed outlet connections.
Body Material
Standard material is 316 St St to NACE MR 01-75. Units can be manufactured in a range of wetted parts materials including Monel and Hastelloy
Standard Process Connection Sizes
1/4", 3/8", 1/2”, 3/4" & 1" NPT male or female connections1/4", 3/8", 1/2”, 3/4" & 1" BSP male or female connectionsOther thread sizes and types are available
Operating Pressure
6,000 psig Cold Working Pressure designated 61Nx
10,000 psig Cold Working Pressure designated 101Nx
Operating Temperature
-20 to 240°C maximum for units fitted with PTFE stem packing
-20 to 450°C maximum for units fitted with Graphoil packing
For Cryogenic applications then a range of extended head versions are available
Dust Cap Identification
White dust cap indicates PTFE Stem Packing
Black dust cap indicates Graphoil Stem Packing
Fire Safe
Designed and certified to BS 6755 Pt 2


Vent Valve Specification Sheet Download

To view all the information on the Budenberg model 61N vent valve you can download the data sheet here