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SEB Low Flow Water Meter by Seametrics

SEB Low Flowmeter by Seametrics @ Procon Instrument TechnologyThe SeaMetrics SEB Low Flow Water Meter with High Output Pulse rate is used in industrial control operations.

The SEB is a plated brass low flow meter that is suited for clean water. It is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thread, with union-type meter couplings for easy installation and service.

This meter is ideal for flow rates between 0.2 and 18 GPM. The SEB has only one moving part, the propeller.

The 5-30 Vdc current sinking pulse output makes the SEB ideal for many industrial control applications. This signal interfaces easily with programmable logic controllers and computer input boards. SEB meters can also be used in conjunction with the Seametrics FT420 flow computer for reading flow rate and total flow, or AO55 for 4-20 mA output. For metering pump pacing applications, a standard PD10 pulse divider is recommended.

½” Meter 0.75-38LPM (145.3PPL)
¾ ” Meter 0.75-68LPM (87.3PPL)
Maximum Temperature: 85˚C  
Maximum Pressure: 12Barg


  • Single-jet meter
  • Compact brass body
  • Union couplings
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interfaces with many controls and displays
  • Hall-effect 12 Vdc signal interface with a variety of electronics
  • Removeable top contains electronics, isolated from fluid
  • Union ends with couplings
  • Easy installatin and service
  • Compact nickel-plated body



  • Industrial control operations
  • Bakeries where chilled water and high humidity are  present (Potted Sensor)
  • Low flow situations
  • Clean water



Sensor GMR 5-30 Vdc current sinking pulse
Fittings 1/2", 3/4" male NPT union couplings
Body Nickel-plated brass
Rotor Chamber Brass
Rotor Thermoplastic
Shaft Tungsten carbide
Bearings Water-cooled thermoplastic
Maximum Temperature 85°C
Maximum Pressure 12 Bar
Cable #22 AWG 3-cond, 12' Maximum run 610 meters
Flow Range 1/2": 0.2 - 10 GPM (0.76 - 37.85 LPM)
3/4": 0.2 - 18 GPM (0.76 - 68.14 LPM)
Standard K Factor 1/2": 550 pulses per gallon
3/4": 330 pulses per gallon
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale
Regulatory CE Mark



DOWNLOAD PDF  for the SEB Flow Meter by Seametrics



The SeaMetrics - SEB Flowmeter Installation Guide

Flow Type: Liquid Flow Meters