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InnovaSonic 210 Portable Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

InnovaSonic 210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter by Sierra InstrumentsUltrasonic Flowmeter for Accurate Liquid Metering

Sierra Instruments portable ultrasonic flow meter the InnovaSonic® 210 succeeds at delivering expanded functionality and field portability when a permanent installation is not required. The 210 is a complete liquid measurement kit with portable clamp-on transducers that feature a small handheld display interface with bright color display and push buttons. While principally designed for clean liquids, the 210 portable meter will operate effectively with the minimal quantity of air bubbles or suspended solids found in most industrial applications.

Its high-powered ultrasonic pulse with improved digital signal processing requires just one set of transducers for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials including metal, plastic and concrete. The handheld battery powered InnovaSonic 210 is ideal for precisely measuring a wide range of liquid flows in pipes up to 236 inches (6000 mm).

Utilising universal transit-time technology the 210 flow meter measures the time it takes an ultrasonic signal to travel a known distance with the flow stream and another signal travelling against the flow stream, determining the velocity of the fluid being measured. The 210's measurement is independent of fluid conductivity to allow a wider applicability compared to magnetic meters.

  • Easy setup in five minutes or less
  • Portable clamp-on transducers measure liquid flows nearly anywhere
  • Save time with no pipe cutting or process shutdown
  • For fast delivery, buy online, next-day shipment
  • Rent or Rent-2-Own programs
  • Boiler MACT certified for area source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ) and for major source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart DDDDD)

Benefits at a glance

InnovaSonic 210 suitable applications

  • Cooling and heating fluid measurements
  • Water and wastewater measurements
  • Leak detection in piping systems
  • Monitoring and controlling of HVAC systems
  • Fuel & Oil consumption measurements
  • Checking other flow meters
  • Flow and usage audits
  • Offshore applications
  • Automated process control

210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter benefits

  • Setup in five minutes or less
  • Designed to make it easy to take liquid flow measurements in the field
  • Fully field-portable, lightweight, and totally self-contained package
  • Tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids
  • Magnetic transducer racks, slipscale gage for easy installation
  • Chain straps included for nonmagnetic pipe
  • Clamp-on standard, insertion transducers available
  • No moving parts to clog or fatigue like turbine meters
  • Transducers clamped to outside of pipe
  • Immune to the process compatibility concerns
  • Install meter during plant operations
  • No process shut-downs, no leakage risks
  • Operational safety and robustness
  • Ideal for large line sizes or exotic materials
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts, robust construction
  • High zero stability, nearly drift free
  • Mounting kit included to lock transducer into place
  • Modular electronics enabling field upgrades
  • SD card data logging capability
  • Convenient pelican-type carrying case
  • 11.1 VDC lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours of continuous use (power plug available)
  • Large display with pushbuttons, user-friendly menu
  • Display allows graphical datalogging
  • Quick key buttons for: Flow rate / Totalized flow / Velocity / Fluid / Signal and diagnostics / Graphing
  • Transducers are matched pair and temperature compensated
  • Field validation/configuration to ensure operating performance
  • Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow rate
  • Positive, negative and net flow totalizers (with user selectable scale factors)
  • Configurable pulse, analog and frequency outputs
  • Fully field configurable
  • Certified for Boiler MACT measurement meeting EPA regulations for area source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart JJJJJJ) and for major source boilers (40 CFR 63, subpart DDDDD

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InnovaSonic 210 Document Downloads

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