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505-BC02 Analogue Input Dual Stage Batch Controller by Contrec

505 BC02 Dual Stage Batch Controller by ContrecThe Contrec 505 BC02 application is a dual stage batch controller for reliable measurement of preset quantities using a volumetric analog input. It can be used as a single or dual stage contoller it is suitable for fast batch applications.

It provides the operator with clear local readout and can be controlled via communications in more automated systems. Preset values can be accessed via a quick link on the front panel if authorised. Automatic overrun compensation caters for system delays such as valve closure for precise volumes.

The analog input can be scaled as well as having filtering, square law or non-linear correction and cutoff points applied to the signal.

505 BC02 Analogue Input Dual Stage Batch Controller features

  • Tailored for volumetric analog input such as vortex flowmeters
  • Single or Dual stage control
  • Quick access to common batch quantities
  • No-flow, leakage and overflow error detection
  • Allows for square law and non- linear correction
  • Storage of 100 transactions with time and date stamp
  • Selection of second language and user tags
  • Selectable protocols on serial ports including Modbus RTU and Printer output
  • Backlit display with LCD backup

Displayed Information

The front panel display shows the current values of the input variables and the results of the calculations. A list of the variables for this application and their type (total or rate) is shown at the end of this document.

The instrument can be supplied with a real-time clock for storage of up to 100 transactions with time and date stamps.


There are two communication ports available as follows:

  • RS-232 port
  • RS-485 port

The ports are available for remote data reading, printouts and for initial application loading of the instrument.

Retransmission & Control Outputs

The instrument can retransmit any main menu variable. The digital outputs can retransmit totals as pulses or operate as logic levels for control or error outputs. If the instrument has the advanced option, it outputs rates as a 4-20 mA signal.

Relay Outputs

The relay outputs 1 and 2 are used to control the flow of product for each delivery. These contacts are normally open and can be used to drive external relays, valves, pump circuits etc.

Software Configuration

The instrument can be further tailored to suit specific application needs including units of measurement, custom tags, second language or access levels. A distributor can configure these requirements before delivery. Instrument parameters including units of measurement can be programmed in the field, according to the user access levels assigned to parameters by the distributor.

All set-up parameters, totals and logged data are stored in non-volatile memorty with at least 30 years retention.

Calculations for the 505 BC02 Batch Controller

To derive the flow rate, the analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.

volumeflow = (Vf max – Vf min)A + Vf min

volume = ∫( volumeflow × Dt)

Automatic overrun compensation calculates the new valve closure point to ensure correct delivery by averaging the overrun amount from the last three complete batches.

The overrun compensation value is valid for a new preset value provided the stored overrun is less than 20% of the new preset. 

505 BC02 Specifications

Operating Environment Temperature
0°c to +60°c (conforma coating)
+5°c to +40°c (no coating)
0 to 95% non condensing (conformal coating)
5% to 85% non condensing (no coating)
Power Supply

95 - 135V AC or 190 - 260V AC    or   12 - 28V DC

Consumption 6W (typical)
Protection SEaled to IP65 (Nema 4X) when panel mounted
Dimensions 147mm (w) X 74mm (h) X 167mm (d)
Display      Type Backlit LCD with 7 digit numeric display and 11 character alphanumeric display
Digits 15.5mm high
Characters 6mm high
LDC Backup Last data visible for 15 minutes after power down
Update Rate 0.3 second
Non-volatile Memory  Rentention > 30 years
Data Stored Setup, Totals and Logs
Approvals  Interface CE compliance
Data Stored IECEx, ATEX and CSA approved enclosures available for hazardous area
Real Time Clock (optional) Battery Type 3 volts lithium button cell (CR2032)
Battery Life 5 years (typical)
4-20mA Input Overcurrent 100mA absolute maximum rating
Impedence 250 Ohms (to common signal ground)
0.1% typical full scale (20°c)
0.2% (full temperature range)
Non-linearity Up to 20 correction points (flow inputs)
Remote Logic Inputs Signal Type Voltage free contact, open collector
Relay Output No. of Outputs 2 relays
Voltage 250 volts, AC, 30 volts DC maximum
Current 3A maximum
Communication Ports Ports
RS-232 port
RS-485 port
Baud Rate 2400 to 19200 baud
Parity Odd, even or none
Stop Bits 1 or 2
Data Bits 8
Protocols Modbus, RTU, Printer*
Transducer Supply Voltage 8 to 24 volts DC, programmable
Current 70mA @ 24V, 120mA @ 12V maximum
Protection Power limited output
Pulse/Digital Output Signal Type Open collector, non-isolated
Switching 200mA, 30 volts DC maximum
Saturation 0.8 volts maximum
Pulse Width Programmable: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500ms
4-20mA Output (optional) Supply 24 volts DC internal, non-isolated
Resolution 0.05% full scale
Accuracy 0.1% (full temperature range, typical)
Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice
*Printer protocoal is available only if RTC option is installed. 

505 BC02 Drawings for product dimensions

505 BC02 Analogue Input Batch Controller Drawings