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SmartTrak 140 Mass Flow Controller

Sierra Instruments Smart Trak 140 mass flow controller for ultra low pressure drops

Ultra-Low Drop Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller from Sierra Instruments

The SmartTrak 140 from Sierra Instruments offers premium high-performance mass flow control, allowing for the absolute lowest possible pressure drop. The 140 can control up to 500 slpm with an ultra-low ΔP of 4.5 psid (310 mBard - much better than typical ΔP values of 25 psid (1700 mBard) for equivalent mass flow controllers on the market.

Accuracy and application flexibility result from:

  • A patented, inherently linear Laminar Flow Element (LFE) design
  • Advanced platinum-wound capillary sensor technology
  • Proprietary frictionless-hovering control valve

Ideal for lab researchers and systems integrators/OEMs, the SmartTrak 140 thermal mass flow controller is a true multi-gas digital MFC designed to deliver smooth, stable, accurate, and repeatable gas mass flow control with extremely low pressure drop.  The SmartTrak 140 is unaffected by upstream gas temperature and pressure fluctuations, gas mass flow control is direct and unequivocal.  

It offers precision gas mass flow control at higher flow rates reying on a large pressure differential (ΔP) across the control valve, especially with the small flow bodies and control valves commonly used in capillary-type thermal mass flow controllers. In all cases, especially with expensive high-purity gases used in the semiconductor industry, maintaining initial pressurisation of the gas is critical until it is eventually put to work in the tool. 

The SmartTrak 140 is CE approved and was specifically designed by Sierra Instruments to improve the quality and efficiency in a variety of mass flow applications. 

Pilot Module: With the remote or face mounted pilot module display/interface, view and change every aspect of SmartTrak 140 at any time with a simple push of a button. Choose the required gas from the menu and it’s ready to go, without losing any accuracy. Engineering units, flow range, and set zero, span and full scale independently for each gas can also be adjusted.

DIY Calibration: If you prefer to calibrate your own mass flow meters and controllers in-house, the necessary software, training and even the flow calibration standards can be supplied required for the job. 

Software & Digital Communications: Free user software and a variety of communications protocols like Modbus, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus, make every SmartTrak easy to integrate into your digital communications network. 

The Thermal Advantage: Thermal mass flow technology is an industry standard for mass flow control of gases because it measures flow directly, at the molecular level. In essence, counting and controlling every gas molecule flowing through the instrument to achieve unmatched precision.  

Accuracy and application flexibility result from:

  • Thermal mass flow technology provides direct mass flow
  • A patented, inherently linear Laminar Flow Element (LFE) design
  • Advanced platinum-wound capillary sensor technology
  • Proprietary frictionless, hovering control valve


SmartTrak 140 features

  • Meet requirements for ultra-low pressure with ΔP of 4.5 psid (310 mBard)
  • Improve efficiency with true, digital high performance
  • Navigate easily with large multifunction display interface
  • Make adjustments in the field for time savings
  • Configure up to 10 gasses with one instrument


SmartTrak 140 benefits

  • Ideal for applications with a tight pressure budget
  • Valve has large flow coefficient (Cv) for precise control at low ΔP
  • User-friendly pilot module display interface is front-mounted, hand-held or remote mounted
  • Field adjustment with multifunction pilot module display interface. Change the following:
  • Measured gas
  • Flow rate
  • Engineering units
  • Set zero, span and full scale for each gas independently
  • Primary Standard Calibration & NIST traceability
  • 10 pre-programmed gases come standard; substitute up to 9 more
  • Proprietary frictionless-hovering, direct-acting control/shut-off valve
  • Precision digital PID valve control; no valve tuning or adjustment
  • Free user software
  • Control functions also available from PC via RS-232
  • Source code for RS-232 communication provided
  • Compod™ upgrade to run small-scale pilot plants without expense of DCS or PLC system
  • Enhanced networking capability, including two digital relays, totalization, inputs and display
  • Wide range of digital communication protocol options: Modbus, ProfibusDP, Foundation Fieldbus


Check out the SmartTrak Mass Flow Controller Video from Sierra



SmartTrak 140 Document Downloads

DOWNLOAD PDF  for the SmartTrak 140 Specification Sheet from Sierra Instruments



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