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Lightning & Surge Protection

Our Lighning & Surge Protection Products incude:


Lightning Protection for Main Switchboards and Point of Entry CAT C types from 70kA to 240kA

TLP 160 1P Transient Protector by TransTech The Transtech high energy surge protector series [TLP-Pxxx] have been designed to be installed in the Main Switchboard to provide the first level of protection. The range offers L-L, L-N, L-E protection, dual colour LED’s and a relay output as standard – with many options.

Available models:

TLP-Pxxx-1P-R = Single phase with 3 modes and two status LED's and relay. Suitable for Cat C or less.

TLP-Pxxx-3P-DRI = Three Phase, 3 modes with dual colour LED’s and remote indicator for CAT C or less.



Sub-boards – very compact size for both 1 & 3 phase CAT B types - 150kA
TransTech TLP-150/CATB Power ProtectionThe Transtech TLP-150/CATB series is a compact model specifically designed for Sub Boards and CAT B applications, it offers L-L, L-N, L-E protection with a high energy design. The TLP-150-3M/CATB lightning and transient protector provides the ideal protection for electrical and electronic equipment that are connected to three phase distribution systems with Imax rating of 150kA.





Electronic Transient / Surge Protectors - Series Filters CAT B, 20Amp, 40Amp, 63Amp 1 & 3 Phase CAT B – from 24kA to 120kA

TransTech TLP-SF Series Power ProtectionThe Transtech “Slimline” TLP-SF series of filters covers ranges from 20Amps to 63 Amps with a 3 Phase range of 32 and 63 Amps.  




Low Voltage and Bus Types CAT B & A from 8kA to 48kA

This range of surge protectors covers the Instrumentation market for such things as analog 4-20mA loops, field transmitters and bus RS-485 applications


TLP Communications Protectors
TransTech TLP-48 Communications ProtectionThis range of surge/lighting protectors covers the basic needs for the communications market, RJ45, N Type & Bulkhead Type. Available in:

TLP-48/RJ45H -4(8) = lightning and transient arrestor provides protection for Ethernet, Twisted Pair Cat 5 ISDN and DSL Network Cable

TLP-48/RJ45H-4(8) = provides very effective protection by limiting the transient overvoltage between the conductor s of Network cable pairs and the screen

TLP-48/RJ45H-4(8) = utilises fast response gas filled arrestors and transorbs to provide low let thru voltages for fast transient rise times. The use of low capacitance gas filled arrestors ensures reliable operation at high frequencies with low insertion losses


TLP Accessories Remote Panel Indicators and Modbus built-in Interface
TransTech TLP Series Remote Panel IndicatorsTranstech have developed two models of remote panel mount indicators that will allow the user to display the status of a Surge Protector remotely on the front of the panel. The plug-off terminals make these indiacators easy to use with no set up required and have been designed and manufacutred to ISO 9001.

TLP-DSI = “Intelligent DSI” for use with Transtech TLP;     and the 

TLP-PSI = “PSI” for any protector with relay output.





Please note all devices must be installed by a qualified Electrican.