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Level and Content Measurement

Procon Instrument Technology has vast experience in Tank Contents Gauging Systems with a particular emphasis on Diesel Storage Applications where the requirements of AS1940 must be satisfied. We offer an extensive range of Level Switch, Level Transmitter and Contents Gauge solutions embracing a number of technologies.

Our range of Level Switches, Sensors and Transmitters are suitable for the measurement of liquid contents within tanks. 


Level Switches for Tank Solutions @ Procon Instrument Technology


Tank Gauging

Level switches for the detection of liquids / fluids either continuously or by point values. 

Level Transmitter for Tank Contents @ Procon Instrument Technology


Tank Gauging 

Level transmitters for the continuous measurement of liquid / fluid levels.



The PSM Marine tank gauging systems and instruments are accurate, robust and reliable - enabling your vessels to operate efficiently and comply with safety and environmental regulations.

The Sierra Instruments InnovaSwith 615 Flow Switch  is for the precision detection of Liquid & Gas Flows.

Kelco range of level switches include: compact three wire float and a heavy duty polypropylene float double molded onto a high quality three core cable.

The Contrec 220 loop powered level transmitter is fully programmable.