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Kelco K Series Level Switch

Kelco K Series Level Regulating Switch available at Procon Instrument TechnologyThe Kelco K series heavy duty level regulator is a compact three-wire float switch for highly accurate and repeatable single point level sensing and control applications. It is ideal for use in water, sea water and most acids and alkali solutions.

It will provide a stable switching action with a very high degree of reliability. The teardrop shape of the float makes it ideal for effluent and sewerage usage, as the float cell has no shoulders or edges for solids to build on.

As the K series level  regulator is not made from or contain any hazardous materials such as mecury or lead it can be reliably and safely used in potable water systems.



K Series Level Switch features

  • Australian made
  • Low differential switching
  • All direction tilting action
  • S.P.D.T 3 wire switching action
  • Polypropylene, CPE and Santoprene construction
  • Wide range of cable lengths available
  • Stable repeatable switching action
  • No Mercury or lead components
  • Compact size, 75mm diameter
  • Optional cable weight available


K Series Applications

  • Basic liquid level control
  • Multi point level control
  • Sewerage level control
  • Chemical level control
  • High and low level alarms
  • Self powered signalling
  • Pump protection 


Kelco K Series Cable Data Specifications

Cable Type
Heavy duty EPR / CPE
Outer sheathing CPE
Inner sheathing P-EP-90
Cores 3 Cores, each 0.75mm Sq Copper
Cable diameter 7.5mm nominal
Core colours Blue (common) Black (normally closed) Brown (normally open)
Cable voltage rating Uo/U 600V / 1Kv
AC Test voltage 2.5 Kv
Cable current carrying capacity 18 Amps continuous at a temperature of 30.5°C
Minimm benr radii  40mm
Maximum ambient operating temperature 80°C
Minimum permissible ambient temperature -40°C
Minimum permissible ambient temperature for fully flexible operation -25°C
Cable maximum permissible short circuit temperature  250°C
Standard of construction CNELEC HD 22.4 S4 & VDE0282-4/2005
Cable lenghts available 4, 6, 10, 20, 30, 50 metres

Switch Data Specifications

Cable Type
Single pole double throw
Contact Type 0.5mm
Contact material Silver Alloy
Contact resistance 15 Mega Ohms maximum
Rated voltage AC 0 - 240V AC
Rated voltage DC 0 - 250V DC
Current rating resistive AC 15 Amps at 250V AC, 15A at 125V DC
Motor load current rating AC 1.5 Amps at 250V AC, 2.5A at 125V AC (1/4HP)
Current rating resistive DC 15 Amps at 14V DC, 6 Amps at 30V DC
Maximum lamp load AC 1.25 Amps at 250V AC
Maximum lamp load DC 1.5 Amps at 30V DC
Maximum operating frequency, electrical 24 operations per minute
Dielectric strength between contacts 1000V AC at 50 to60Hz for 1 minute
Insulation resistive 100 Mega Ohms minimum (At 500V DC)
Life expectancy mechanical 20,000,000 operations minimum
Life expectancy electrical 5000,000 operations minimum
Approved standards UL508 E41515 CSA C22.2 No.55 (File No. LR21642)

Operating Environment Specifications

Maximum submergence
30 metres, 300 kPa Static Pressure
Maximum liquid temperature 60°C
Minimum liquid temperature -20°C
Liquid specific gravity >0.82
Liquid Ph 1 to 14
Smallest diameter well that the switch will operate within a 160mm inside diameter vertically mounted pipe
Liquied level change for the switch to operate 35mm
Closes switching point to tank floor 50mm
Smallest opening through which the switch will fit 75mm
Minimum distance between float and closest tethering point/cable weight 150mm
Suitability for use in sodium hypochorite fully compatible
Suitablity for use in sea water fully compatible
Suitability for use in potable water fully compatible
Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice


K Series product dimensions

Kelco K Series Level Regulating Switch Operating Dimensions 


K Series typical installation

Kelco K Series Level Regulator Switch Typical Installation