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InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Liquid Thermal Flow Meter

InnovaSonic 207i Flowmeter from Sierra Instruments

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter With Thermal Energy/BTU Capability

The InnovaSonic 207i by Sierra Instruments has been designed, built and calibrated for non-intrusive liquid flow metering, and optimised for thermal energy / BTU measurement. The 207i transit-time ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal turnkey solution for building and district metering, and submetering.

The ransit-time ultrasonic flow meter to come with a comprehensive software package of apps for ease of use, field upgrades, and calibration validation.  Apps like MeterFit help you optimize signal strength to assure best performance.  Apps like EnergyPro allow you to fully configure your thermal energy / BTU flow energy measurement system, including datalog-ging and totalization of all energy functions.  Apps like ValidCal Diagnostics make field calibration validation easy.

Higher Accuracy With Liquid Density Compensation

The 207i firmware enables vast improvements in liquid flow metering accuracy. Since an ultrasonic flow meter detects the speed of sound in the liquid being measured, a small change in liquid density can have a big impact on accuracy and repeatability.  By adding a temperature input from a transmitter provided by Sierra or by using an external input from an existing transmitter, the 207i can calculate real-time liquid density, assuring the highest accuracy possible.

Thermal Energy / BTU Metering

The 207i calculates thermal energy / BTU flow energy and provides you with the highest accuracy measurements possible to manage energy costs.

A critical element of any thermal energy / BTU flow energy measurement is determining the amount of heat transferred between the cold and hot flow legs of an HVAC process.Often with only a small difference in temperature between the two flow legs, a precise measurement makes a huge difference. Sierra calibrates the entire flow energy package— flow meter and temperature transmitters—as a system to improve quality.

The 207i takes into account this temperature difference as well as all fluid properties required to accurately measure flow, and makes ultra-precise temperature measurements between the cold and hot flow legs.

The Flow Engine Behind it all

Sierra’s Raptor 2 OS is the true “Brain” of the 207i.  Every 207i has advanced digital signal processing to enhance ultrasonic transit-time flow metering technology and fluid dynamic measurements. The result is a proprietary, fundamentally different liquid flow rate calculation using all pertinent variables for the most precise, stable and accurate flow measurement possible.

The OS interfaces with Sierra’s software apps to read, adjust and upgrade the meter firmware in the field.

Benefits at a glance
207i Video

InnovaSonic 207i suitable applications

  • Plant Services
  • Boiler MACT
  • Influent & Effluent
  • Faciltiy Support Flowmeters
  • Large Water Pipes

207i Ultrasonic Flow Meter benefits

  • Designed for liquid flow metering applications
  • Thermal Energy/BTU capability
  • Tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids
  • Ideal for large line sizes or exotic materialsClamp-on standard, insertion transducers available
  • Transducers clamped to outside of pipe
  • Install meter during plant operations-no process shut downs, no leakage risks
  • No moving parts to clog or fatigue like turbine meters
  • Permanent or temporary installations
  • Immune to the process compatibility concerns
  • Operational safety and robustness
  • High zero stability, nearly drift free
  • Optional clamp on or insertion PT 100 RTDs transducers-
  • Matched pair and temperature compensated
  • Mounting kit included to lock transducer into place
  • Modular electronics enabling field upgrades
  • Large display with push buttons, user-friendly menu
  • Keypad with 16 tactile keys with 14 dual-function keys with audible feedback
  • Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient
  • Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow rate
  • Positive, negative and net flow totalizers (with user selectable scale factors)
  • 16 MB SD card high-memory data logger
  • Easy Installation with Smart Interface Portal Software (SIP)
  • Field validation/configuration to assure operating performance with SIP
  • Local display with Quick key buttons for: 
  • Flow, totalized flow / 
  • Velocity / 
  • Fluid / 
  • Signal and diagnostics
  • Configurable pulse, analog and frequency outputs
  • Fully field configurable
  • Compact, low-cost alternative to Coriolis meters

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InnovaSonic 207i Document Downloads

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