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WH Diaphragm Seal Gauge

WH Hygienic Diaphragm SealHygienic Diaphragm Seal Gauge for the Process Industry

The Budenberg WH is a high integrity Diaphragm Seal Gauge that has been designed for applications where cleanliness is paramount, ie: Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries. These units are designed to withstand steam cleaning at elevated temperatures and pressures.

  •  WH-1 ISS /IDF connection including Nut
  •  WH-T Triclamp/Triclover connection
  •  WH-D DIN 11851 connection with Nut

The WH is available in a wide range of options including a choice of dial sizes, connections, materials, filling fluids and options to permit operation at temperatures in excess of 440°c.

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The Budenberg WH is suitable for the following applications / industries

Designed for continuous operation on gases or liquids where the product to measured is of a hygienic and or foodstuff nature.

Versions are available to withstand pressure pulsations, vibrations and operation at very high temperatures.

Food Beverage Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Food & Beverage
Pressure Gauge
Pharmaceutical Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Pressure Gauge


The Budenberg WH specifications

Size 63mm (2.5"), 100mm (4"), 150mm (6")
Accuracy Class
1.0% as defined in EN837
Pressure Range
The welded seal units is available in a range of configurations dependant on the required Dial Size and Operating Pressure range as follows:
Ranges 0 to 1 Bar up to 0 to 40 Bar.
Other pressure units are available on request.
Over Range Protection
All units will withstand 130% overload as standard up to 40 Bar. Optionally the diaphragm can be set to 'lock off' allowing the unit to withstand an overload up to the maximum pressure rating of the seal unit. This unique feature can be used to avoid the use and cost of additional overload protection valves.
Materials of Construction Due to the welded construction, all materials including the diaphragm and connection have to be the same material.
Standard - 316L Stainless Steel
Other materials available on request.
Process Connections
1" ISS / IDF including nut
1 1/2" ISS / IDF including nut
2" ISS / IDF including nut
3" ISS / IDF including nut
1 1/2" Triclamp / Triclover in Hastelloy C276
2" Triclamp / Triclover
3" Triclamp / Triclover
1" DIN 11851
2" RJT
Others are available on request
Filling Fluids
A wide range of filling fluids are available to suit most applications including high temperature and pharmaceutical applications.
Standard Options - Mineral Oil, Silicon HT Oil, Medicinal Paraffin, Glycerine, Syltherm XLT & 400.
FDA approved fluids for food and pharmaceutical applications. 
Normal process operating temperature range:  -20 to +100°c
Elevated temperature operation up to 400°c can be achieved by the selection of an extended neck option and an associated high temperature filling fluid. 
Pulsation Damper The welded design allows Budenberg to offer a snubber internally to dampen pulsations and beneficially protect the Pressure Gauge.
Certification & Traceability
Serial Number Printed on Dial.
Certificate of Conformity traceable to National Standards is supplied
Safety All units are manufactured to comply with EN837-1, S3 Specification and other regulatory standards including PED.



WH Options 

WH-1 - ISS / IDF connection including nut
WH-T - Triclamp / Triclover connection
WH-D - DIN 11851 connection with nut
Extended Neck
For use in elevated temperatures up to 300°C we can dissipate the effect of heat from the Pressure Gauge by inserting an extended neck between the WH and the pressure gauge.
Remote Mounting
St/steel capillary can be fitted between gauge and seal to protect instrument from heat or vibration
Fitting Transmitters
We have a range of standard and 'Smart' Transmitters that can be used in combination with the WH or Budenberg can fit customers own free issue transmitters to most diaphragm seal units
Valve & Adaptors - a full range of Needle and Ball Valves to fit the WH - See separate Datasheets.

WH Specification Sheet Download

To view all the information on the Budenberg WH you can download the data sheet here