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Encoders, Sensors & Motion Control

Our range of Encoders, Sensors and Motion Control Products come from leading suppliers from around the world, not only are we able to solve most sensing & motion control applications but we can give lasting solutions to the most arduous applications. Inductive sensors for extreme temperatures of minus 90°c to plus 250°c are but one example. Also stainless steel hollow shaft encoders with bus connection.

Sensing, counting, position indication/location, speed/tacho products, distance measuring and motor brake monitoring and monitoring of speakers for conveyor start-up systems re available from World-renowned suppliers.

Sense Electronica Proximity Sensors - Inductive, Capacitive & Magnetic

Capacitive Sensors - Tubular and non tubular by Sense from TranstechSENSE ELECTRONICA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of proximity sensors. Sense Electronica offers quality and precision at cost competitive pricing. Included in the range is a full offering for valve monitoring.






MD Microdetector Proximity, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Area and Safety Sensors

Transtech - Microdetector -Proximity / Photoelectric / Ultrasonic and Area Sensors

MD Microdetector (Diell) is a leading Italian Company specialising in Industrial photoelectric, laser and ultrasonic sensors market. Microdetector offers an extensive product ranges of sensors as well as customising solultions for industrial applications. 


DOWNLOAD PDF    for more information on the Microdetector range of sensors


Baumer Motion Control – Baumer-IVO / Baumer-Hubner / Baumer-Thalhiem

Baumer Encoders from TransTechThe Baumer Group have a passion for sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components used for automated image processing. As a world leader in Encoder technology Baumer have released an encoder range that is based on the “MAGRES” magnetic technology principle, these encoders offer the user rugged high accuracy for the first time. The HOG and POG Heavy-Duty encoder range from Baumer-Hubner are widely used in the Mining Industry, the GEMMH & GE333 cover simple pulse types thru to Ethernet/IP and many other outputs.

Offering sensors for: Object Detection / Distance Measurement / 2D & 3D sensors / Imaging Processing & Identification / Rotary Encoders & Angle Sensors / Inclination & Acceleration / Process sensors / Force & Strain sensors / Format Adjustment / Counters & Displays and of course accessories. 


 RheinTacho – Tachometers for Industrial Applications.

TransTech - RheinTacho - ROTAS - Rotational Speed Sensor

RheinTacho is a manufacturer of measuring devices, sensors and accessories for rotational speed recording and monitoring. Their experience in rotational speed measurement is reflected as much in their standard products as well as in the special solutions that they develop for their customers.

The RheinTacho range include: Rotational Speed Sensors / Stationary & Portable Stroborscopes / Digital & Mechanical Hand Held Tachometers / Rotational Speed Monitors / accessories and more.

Suitable Applications: Electric Drives, Material Handling, Large Engines, Mobile Hydraulics, Service & Commissioning, Winder Energy as well as customised solutions.


AI-TEK Magnetic Speed Sensors, Pickups and Tachometers

AI Tek Speed Sensors Tachometers from TransTech
AI-TEK (formerly AIRPAX) is a world leader in the design of passive high speed Magnetic Sensors and Tachos. Now with a complete range of IECEX Certified Passive Sensors.


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Suitable Speed Sensor Applications: 

Industrial - Mixers/Pumps, Conveyors, Compressors, Extruders, Paper/Pulp Mills, Centrifuge, PLC Interface, Motor Control, Assembly Systems, Flow Meters

Rail - Traction Control, Speed Control, Data Recording Systems

Petrochemical - Steam Turbines, Fans and Blowers, Pump Devices, Air Compressors

Utilities - Turbine Generators, Gas/Steam/Geothermal, Hydro Power, Portable Generators, Governor Systems

Marine - Engine Control Systems, Direction Indication, Fire Pump, Bilge Pump

Automotive/Off Road - ABS (Vehicle and Trailer), Engine Governer Systems, Transmission and Wheel Speed, Turbochargers, Fork Lifts/Cranes, Heavy Earth Moving Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Bus, Fire Engines

Consumer Products - Exercise Machines