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Temperature Controls TCA Control Box

TCA Temperature Control Box from Temperature Controls and Procon Instrument TechnologyTemperature Controls TCA Control Box offers an ABS Enclosure with 3 pin 240 volt plug in control.

Other features include:

  • Shinko JCS Controller with PID control action and 25 amp Solid State relay inside.
  • Universal Thermocouple input.
  • Standard 3 pin 10 amp socket on rear to plug in your heater.
  • Controllers can be set as - single point control - ramp controller - pattern controller (1 pattern / 9 steps)

Box components:

  • PVC desk top box (HB-5910) 260mm x 190mm x 80mm
  • Solid state relay with Heat Sink - 25AMP
  • Thermocouple input K, J, T, N, R, S & B
  • Optional - RTD Input
  • Fused power switch (PP-4003)
  • Mains power leads (PS-4106)
  • Mains power panel mount socket (PS-4094)
  • Rubber feet (HP-0801)