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6B Ball Valve

6B Ball Valve Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology

Ball Valve for the Process Industry

The Budenberg model 6B range of Ball Valves have been designed to the highest standards and incorporate many features that are usually found in higher specification process valves.

Designed around a super finished solid Ball that floats between self cavity relieving seats that provide a dynamic response to fluctuating process pressures. This ensures a gas tight, leak proof seal under all operating pressures and temperature.

The 6B range utilises a two piece body design immediately reduces thread leak paths by 50% whilst its high strength adapter threads combined with a "soft" parent metal seal to give closure thread protection thereby ensuring environmental safety.

In common with all Budenberg Needle Valve products, the 6B incorporates a full range of standard features that including:

  • inherent fire safe design
  • anti static
  • anti blow out stems
  • multi- stage 'dynamic' stem packing
  • as well as a wide range of configurations and options


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The Budenberg 6B Ball Valves are suitable for the following applications / industries

Oil and Gas Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Oil & Gas
Pressure Gauge
Petrochemical Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Pressure Gauge
Power Generation Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Power Generation
Pressure Gauge
Waste Water Pressure Gauge Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology
Water & Waste Water
Pressure Gauge


Features of the Budenberg 61B  

  • Fully engaged rolled body / adaptor threads provide protection from process media by a metal body / bonnet seal
  • Super finished floating ball within dynamic, PTFE seats with in built cavity relief
  • Anti static, anti blowout stems
  • Two piece construction ensures no leak points prior to isolate. 
  • Guaranteed 4 times factors of safety at Class 2500.
  • Conformance to ASME B31.1.
  • Model 10B with 10,000 psi maximum working pressure Multi way versions including 'T' port and 'L' port variants choice of Operator Handles including lockable type full range of connections and materials.
Certifications available
  • BS EN 10204 3.1B Material certification. Test Certificates including Pressure, Gas, Hydrostatic etc
  • Full range of NDE Test Certification
  • Fire Safe Certification to BS 6755 Pt 2
  • Wetted Parts comply to NACE MR 01-75 as standard


The Budenberg Vent Valves Construction

Body Material
Two piece body with soft parent metal seal.
316 Stainless Steel as standard but other materials available
Anti Static, anti blow out stems
Stem Packing
Multi stage dynamically responsive Stem packing
PTFE - 240 Deg C max operating temperature
Graphoil - 400 Deg C max operating temperature
Ball Assembly Fully Floating Solid all Valve Assemblies with cavity relief through the seats. Seat material is PTFE as standard and PEEKTM as an option
Bore Sizes
10mm, 14mm, and 20mm
Standard Connection Sizes ¼”, 3/8”, ½”. ¾” 1” NPT Female x Female
¼”, 3/8”, ½”. ¾” 1” NPT Male x Female
Other thread sizes and connection types i.e. Butt and Socket welds are available.
6000 psi CWP in accordance with ASME/ANSI Class 2500
Guaranteed 4 times factor of safety at Class 2500.
1/4 Turn Lever Handle as standard, Lockable, Spanner Actuated and Extended Lever available


To view all the information on the Budenberg model 6B ball valve you can download the data sheet here