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Power Products

Our Power Products incude:

Battery Charger and 24VDC Power Supply 140W IPS-BC-140W series

TransTech IPS-BC-140W Battery Charger & 24VDC Power SupplyThe IPS-BC-140W-PB features a Universal Mains Powered (80 240V AC/DC) battery charger and 140 Watt Power Supply all in one package, especially for SCADA applications. Suitable for two battery operation.


  • Automatic power factor correction
  • Auto disconnect on reverse battery volts
  • Continuously rated for 140Watts @ 24V to 65°c
  • "Hot" change out for batteries via pushbutton input (optional)
  • C tick / CE markings


Battery Charger + UPS 100W IPS-UPS-100W series
TransTech IPS-UPS-100W series Battery Charger The IPS-UPS-100W features a Universal Mains Powered input (80 240V AC/DC) and 12/24Vdc output. The IPS-UPS charges a single 12V SLA battery that also takes over if the primary power is lost , offering the user a non-break 24Vdc supply.


  • One battery operation
  • Automatic power factor correction & disconnect on reverse battery volts
  • Continuously rated for 100Watts @ 24V to 65°c
  • Current limited DCV outputs
  • C tick / CE markings


Linear Power Supplies 1Amp to 10AmpA

TransTech IPS-1A-SL Linear Power SuppliesThe IPS-1A-SL is the first in the series designed by Transtech and is a combination of switch mode and linear technology utilizing mains rated toroidal transformer offering low thermal dissipation thus eliminating the switch mode characteristic of auto-shutdown when loads exceed the rated design.


  • Simple linear power supply
  • Fuse protected mains output
  • Short circuit protected output
  • Low output noise and ripple
  • C Tick / CE markings


Switchmode Power Supplies – 1Amp to 20Amps

Transtech offers a full range of switch-mode power supplies as well as a DIN housed 1 Amp Linear design model. Suitable for Mining / Industrial / Waste Water / Process Controls / System Integrators and DCS sytems. All switchmode power supplies comply with International and Australian Standards. Simple installation - Field installation sheet provided with each item.