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OEM Probe Only Thermal Sensors

OEM Probe 620s sensor and chip only from Sierra InstrumentsCustom Packaged Thermal Mass Flow Sensors - OEM Probe Only Thermal Sensors

Sierra Instruments' OEM probe only thermal sensors can be integrated into your end product package as a thermal mass flow sensor probe or probe / electronics set. The sensors used in our 640S and 620S thermal mass flowmeters are often customized for customers needing just a raw sensor mass flow output signal or as a raw sensor electronics set.  The sensors can be calibrated to your specifications. 

  • Mass flow sensor probes to fit your OEM needs
  • Wide flow range from 0 to 20,000 sfpm
  • Increase flexibility with low pressure drop
  • Turndown: 1000:1 
  • Patented DrySense™ sensor
  • Backed by lifetime sensor warranty



OEM Probe suitable applications

  • Air volume flow metering
  • Compressed air flow
  • Aeration basin air flow
  • Combustion air flow
  • Natural gas fuel flow
  • Custody transfer
  • Stack gas emissions flow monitoring


OEM Probe Only Thermal Sensor options

  • Wide range of process connections
  • High temperature option 750°F (400°C)
  • Self-cleaning purge for dirty flow environments
  • Axial probe design for dirty flow environments
  • Longer probe lengths
  • Multipoint flow averaging arrays for very large ducts


Flow Type: Gas Flow Meters