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ICT 1000 Smart Dual Mode Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

ICT 1000 Level Transmitter by PSM Marine

Digital and Analogue Transmitters

The ICT 1000 Level Transmitter from PSM Marine has been developed with their 30 plus years of global marine industry application experience. This smart dual mode Modbus and analogue liquid level transmitter offers the highest possible standards in terms of performance, versatility, functionality and reliability.

This pioneering capacitive measurement cell has been manufactured in robust and durable ceramic. The careful design of the sensor means the diaphragm is fully supported and protected against overload and shock pressure conditions. The ICT 1000 Smart Dual Mode Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is the perfect liquid level transmitter.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and employing a carefully engineered seal assembly in a choice of materials, which draws upon PSM's marine application experience to provide a fully submersible (IP68) the transmitter body construction is capable of withstanding the toughest operating conditions for many years. It's advanced features are not confined to mechanical design. The ICT 1000 also features a powerful onboard micro-controller that precisely monitors the pressure related output of the capacitive cell.  Process temperature is also monitored to provide a fully compensated measurement output.

ICT 1000 Level Transmitter features

  • Designed and constructed specifically for marine applications with all relevant industry body and type application approvals
  • Can operate either as an analogue 4 - 20mA hydrostatic level transmitter or can communicate directly to the host system using the RS485 Modbus protocol
  • Full range of process connections and transmitter mounting options available
  • Compatible with all common marine liquids and cargo applications: seawater, fuel and lubricating oil, bilge water etc.
  • Digital bus and mA analogue outputs available on one transmitter. No remote mounted signal conversion electronics are required
  • Output available as level or volume via a user programmable height vs. volume table
  • Multi-drop Modbus digital mode allows for significant cable savings in multiple-tank installations
  • Wide span with a high measurement accuracy and long term stability
  • Programmable remotely via an RS485 modem and supplied software configuration tool

Digital and analogue operation

The ICT 1000 is capable, depending on option,The ICT 1000 is capable, depending on option,of operating as both an analogue4 -20 mA hydrostatic level transmitter andcommunicating directly to the host systemusing the RS485 Modbus protocol. Theintegral temperature measurement is alsoavailable as an output variable in digital mode.

Smart Programming

The ICT 1000 is a smart liquid level transmitterThe ICT 1000 is a smart liquid level transmittercapable of being remotely programmed formeasurement range, functionality anddiagnostics by the user via an RS485 serialmodem and a PSM supplied softwareconfiguration tool. Advanced configurationoptions include tank level vs. volume mappingtables, level offset and density correction.used to drive external relays, valves, pump circuits etc.


ICT 1000 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Specifications

Power Supply Digital Only Mode 8 - 30 Vdc Isolated external PSU required
Power Supply Including Analogue Mode 12 - 30 Vdc
Accuracy: Level (at 20°C and 1 bar)
+0.1% FS (Digital Mode or 
+0.25% FS (Analogue or Dual Mode)
Long term stability < +0.2% FS per year  
Accuracy: Temperature + 1°C (measurement available in digital mode only)  
Temperature coefficient
+0.25% FS per 1C (over calibration range of 0C to 60C 
Other temperature ranges on request  
Programmable measurement range -10 mbar up to 20 bar (Gauge or Absolute reference options)
Measuring cell pressure overload ratings Range (Bar) Proof Pressure (Bar) Burst Pressure (Bar)
0.20 1.4 2.7
0.35 1.5 3
1 3 5
2 6 10
5 15 25
10 30 50
20 60 100
Analogue Output 4 - 20mA.  2 wire loop powered  
Digital Output RS485 MODBUS 2 wire half duplex
Sensing Element Ceramic (96% AL2O3) measuring cell
Construction 316 SS with Kalrez seal and LSHF PET-E sheathed cable
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 80°C
IP Rating IP68 (suitable for continuous immersion)
Intrinsic Safety EX ia IIC T4
Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice


ICT 1000 Drawings for product dimensions

PSM Marine's ICT 1000 Level Transmitter Dimensions