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APT 1000 Level Transmitter for Marine Tank Gauging

ATP1000 dual marine level transmitter by PSM Marine

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

The PSM Marine APT 1000 marine level transmitter provides reduced weight and sizing compared to previous generations and takes full advantage of the advancements in electronic design to provide enhanced accuracy and stability under varying operating temperatures.

The body construction is all laser welded, thus eliminating any possibility of leaks, and all versions are IP68 certified suitable for full immersion to a minimum of 50M WG. The APT 1000 comes in a choice of construction materials, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Hastelloy to ensure corrosion resistance in all applications. All measurement ranges will tolerate an overload of 2 x nominal range with no adverse effects to performance or calibration.

The transmitters electronics are fully integrated within the body and encorporate a powerful micro-controller to precisely monitor and process the output of the pressure cell. On-board non-volatile memory allows each transmmitter to be fully configured for its intended duty either during manufacture or subsequently while in operation.

This marine transmitter is certified according to ATEX and IECEx regularations for installation in a hazardous area and Type Approved by DNV-GL as suitable for use in marine applciations.

The APT 1000 replaces the iCT 1000 smart dual mode hydrostatic level transmitter by PSM Marine.


APT1000 Level Transmitter features

  • Robust all welded submersible construction suitable for harsh environments 

  • Choice of construction materials compatible with all common marine liquid measurement applications

  • Process connections and fixings for side of tank or submiersble installation

  • Simple to install, accurate and stable, robust and reliable

  • Gauge or Absolute options with a wide measuring span and 0.1% performance

  • Dual-mode operation provides outputs as 4-20mA and RS485 Modbus

  • DNV-GL Type Approved and IECEx / ATEX certified for hazaardous areas (Zone 0)


Digital and analogue operation

The APT1000 is a dual mode transmitter providing an analogue 4-20mA signal and a multi-drop RS485 Serial communication based on industry standard Modbus RTU protocol. Either or both outputs can be used in normal operation. The unitis fully programmable using the ACU1000 application available as free download from PSM.


When installing multiple tank applications digital mode enables significant cost and weight savings, removing the need for separate cable runs to each transmitter by utilising a single Multi-drop cable for both power and RS485 network. PSM RFM series termination and Safety barrier modules are used to save typically more than 50% of installation time and costs.


APT 1000 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Specifications

Materials Sensor Body 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium. Hastelloy C276316L Stainless Steel or Titanium. Hastelloy C276option for Wetted parts for external (to tank) mounting
Diaphragm 316L or Titanium to match body material. Hastelloy316L or Titanium to match body material. HastelloyC276 process ports use Tantalum diaphragm.
Standard Measurement Ranges (Bar) 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 4.0, 10, 25, 40, 60.
Measurement type Vented Gauge or Absolute (Absolute version minimum range 1 bar)
Overload 2 x Nominal range with no effect
Burst Pressure 15 x Nominal range up to 10 Bar. 7 x Nominal range above 10 Bar
Turndown 5:1 from Nominal range (relevant to 4-20mA scaling only)
Temperature measurement span/accuracy 0 to +85°C +/- 1°C (reading only available in digital mode)
Total Error Band (pressure monitoring) +/- 0.1% of Nominal range including thermal effect
Thermal compensation No thermal effect within the range 0 to 70°C
Long term stability Error not exceeding +/- 0.1% Per Annum
Max / Min process temperature -20 to +85°C
IP Rating IP68 suitable for continuous immersion
IEXEx certification IECEx ITS 19.00023X Ex ia IIC T4 Ga -35°C≤Ta≤+85°C
ATEX certification ITS19ATEX204962X Iss.0 E x ia II C T4 Ga -3 5 °C≤Ta≤+85°C
Signal Output / Power supply 4-20mA & RS4854-20mA & RS485ModbusRTU/10 to 30V DC
Maximum load Supply dependant. Vs-10/0.02 = Load in Ohms
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Weight 0.3Kg typical for body. Cable 0.1Kg / metre
Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice


APT 1000 PDF Downloads 

Download Data Sheet

DOWNLOAD PDF  for the APT 1000 Level Transmitter



Download Installation Guide

DOWNLOAD PDF  for the APT 1000 Level Transmitter