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5000 Series Alarm Monitor

5000 Series Alarm Monitor by Access InstrumentationThe 5000 series Alam Monitor from Access Instrumentation is a higly versatile process condition monitor that utilises the latest in microprocessor technology, this monitor offers the end-user unlimited options for monitoring, recording and reporting on all categories of critical process systems.

Capable of simultaneous readings of up to 24 analogue process signals the 5000 Alarm Monitor will accept signals from a wide expanse sensors and compare the measured value with pre-set alarm levels. If an alarm level is exceeded, the unit provides visual indication and relay closures, which can be used for alarm and shutdown functions.

The microprocessor technology is used to provide simultaneous measurement of all inputs that will carry out extensive internal self-checking procedures. When a fault is detected it will be indicated via the display and relay contact closure. This alarm monitor has been designed for simple quick configuration and is equipped to handle most process signal types from mA and mV to RTD and Thermocouples with software selectable scaling and linerisations. 

Each channel is equipped with software strategies for Alarming and Logging providing the user with an array of possibilities for process monitoring. The dual channel I/O cards are built on the proven 1000PLUS platform and feature high quality analogue components giving the best accuracy and thermal stability. The system is available in 6 Channel 12 Channel and 24 Channel base configurations

The 5000 series alarm monitor was designed to replace the now obsolete Thermo – Rosemount 4000, 4001, 4002 & 4400 alarm monitors.

Applications: Temperature monitoring / Vibration monitoring / Pressure monitoring / Flow monitoring  and Pump Performance monitoring.


5000 Series Alarm Monitor features:

  • 6, 12 and 24 Channel DIN Enclosure with 2 part screw terminal connections to the rear.
  • Channel cards may be added at any time by the user, these are available in a Dual Channel format.
  • Each Channel has a dedicated microprocessor for high speed data acquisition.
  • Universal analogue inputs supporting many industrial process signal types with high accuracy / thermal stability electronics and high performance 24 bit ADC.
  • User configurable ‘soft’ input scaling and linearization, alarm & event triggers and data logging.
  • 2 off Global State Relay alarm outputs as standard.
  • Optional Channel Dual Alarm outputs with independent set-points and triggering strategies, including; High, Low, Rate of Change and Early Indication.
  • Optional Channel Analogue Output repeat facility with user defined rescaling.
  • 3.8” LCD HMI with colour touch-screen interface for Channel card monitoring, local interrogation, alarm acknowledgement and system configuration.
  • High speed robust and reliable MODBUS backbone between Channel cards and HMI.
  • Simple setup via intuitive configuration screens on HMI.
  • Communications available for 2 wire RS485 (MODBUS RTU/JBUS) allowing 5000 units to be networked and/or interfaced to DCS & SCADA systems.

Electrical Supply Voltage
DC Model: 24 vdc (+/- 10%)
AC Model: 90 to 250 vac (50 - 60Hz)
Consumption 5 watts to 48 watts
Power Supply to Logic: >1000 Vdc/μs
Comms to Logic: >1000 Vdc/μs
Login to Outputs: >1000 Vdc/μs
Channel to Channel: >600 Vdc/μs
Analogue Inputs Accuracy
Measurement: +0.1% of Range
Linearization: +0.9% of Range
Raw ADC: 24 bits
Processed: 16 bits
Scan Speed <100ms
>90dB @ 50Hz
500Vdc to Earth
Temp Coefficient +20ppm / deg C
CJC Accuracy +0.1°C
Analogue Output Resolution 12 Bit
Accuracy +0.1%
Alarm Outputs Global Solid State
Normally Open Contacts
Load Switching: 100mA @ 350v ac/dc
On resistance: 20Ω
Optional Relays
Normally Open & Closed Contacts
Load Switching: 1A @ 200v ac/dc
On resistance 150 milliohms
Mechanical   Casing

Outer: Powder Coated Aluminium

Inner: Powder Coated Mild Steel

Bezel: Wet Sprayed Aluminium

Fixing Side secured fixing clamps
Terminals 2 part cage clamp screw terminals. Maximum Conductor Size: 2.5mm2
Environmental     Ambient Limits
Storage -20°c to + 70°c
Operation -10°c to 50°c
Humidity 20 to 90% RH (non condensing)
Protection  IP42 Standard
Immunity to EN50082-2
Emmissions to EN50081-1
Safety Complies with EN609050
Functional Delay Time Adjustable between 0 and 255 seconds (for each alarm trip point)
Hysteresis Adjustable between 0 and 25% of input range in 0.1% increments (for each alarm trip point)
Response Time Less than 200mS
Logging Alarm event and data logging with time stamp. Up to 32768 events/data points.

Specifications are subject to change without notice as per manufacturer.

5000 series dimensions

All dimensions are displayed in mm unless otherwise specified.

Access Instrumentation 5000 Series Alarm Monitor Dimensions

Chasis  A B C Weight
5006 200 186 187 (Tot. +/-2) 3.8kg
5012 293 281 282 (Tot. +/-2) 4.6kg
5024 437 425 426 (Tot. +/-2) 5.8kg