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SonoPro® Portable Ultrasonic

SonoPro Ultrasonic Flowmeter from VorTek
Portable transit time clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

The SonoPro® portable transit time clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters from VorTek incorporate an innovative digital signal processing to deliver accurate and reliable volumetric flow readings. 

The unit has the ability to be paired with an external temperature input to measure flow with temperature compensation. Clamp-on meters have no wear, create zero pressure loss, and do not require the process to be stopped to install them since they are attached to the outside of the pipe. SonoPro® transit time meters are also inherently bi-directional.

Combine these features with the energy monitoring option and the SonoPro® transit time clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters will accommodate your specific application requirements.


The SonoPro® Principle of Operation

The SONOPRO® portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter operates on the transit time ultrasonic measurement method. This type of measurement uses that basic fact that the transmission speed of the ultrasonic signal is influenced by the flow velocity of the fluid to be measured. This is analogous to a person paddling a canoe with the current vs. paddling against the current. The canoe is able to travel down stream with the current faster than it can be paddled back up stream against the current. The same is true for the sound waves as they travel with and against the direction of flow.

For the measurement, there are two ultrasonic transducers mounted onto the outside of the pipe, with one being down stream at a designated distance from the other. The electronics send two pulses through the pipe and into the fluid inside the pipe. One signal is sent with the direction of the flow and the second is sent against the flow. The transducers act as both transmitters and receivers. The transit time of the ultrasonic signal moving in the direction of the flow is faster than that sent against the flow. The meters electronics read these two times and calculate the time difference, TΔ, which can then be used to determine the average flow velocity.The SONOPRO® electronics take into account the fluid flow profile and apply a correction to the velocity reading to determine the average flow through the pipe.


Advantages of the SONOPRO® Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter 

  • Non-invasive Volumetric Flow monitoring for most liquids
  • Multivariable meter delivers mass flow,temperature, pressure and energy readings
  • Energy Monitoring – ability to computeand output energy use
  • Zero pressure loss
  • Easy to install and commission – clamp onthe outside of the pipe – non-invasive
  • Reliable – no moving parts, no wear
  • High accuracy with rangeability up to 400:1
  • Temperature up to 248°F (120°C)
  • Clamp On pipe sizes from 1/2” (15mm)to 200” (5000mm)
  • Transducer mounting configurationsinclude Z, V, N, and W
  • Field configurable ranges, outputs and displayUSB communication - StandardBluetooth communication - Optional
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteryBattery life up to 11 hours
  • Datalogging with file save andplayback functionality
  • Custom software interface for troubleshooting


Download Data Sheet

DOWNLOAD PDF  for the SonoCone specifications and installation information






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