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DP490 & DP525 Insertion DualPulse Flowmeter by Trimec

DP490 Insertion Dual Pulse Flow meter by Trimec IndustriesThe Trimec DP490 Insertion DualPulse Flow Meter insertion flow transducer is an innovative design that combines well proven technology with modern engineering materials to provide a cost effective and simple means of measuring the flow of water and a wide variety of low viscosity liquids.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Suits pipes 40~2500mm (1.5~100″)
  • Low installed cost
  • Simple to install
  • Unique head design to extend linear measuring range
  • Two independent pulse outputs with high noise immunity (CE compliant)
  • High pressure submersible design
  • Hot tap option 

Trimec Industries DP490 & DP525 are cost effective stainless steel flowmeters for measuring the flow of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids in pipes sizes 1.5″~100″ (40~2500mm). The Insertion flowmeters are installed with the metering head 1/8th into the pipe resulting in very little pressure drop. They do not require external power when used with the Trimecrate totalisers however some options such as high temperature & non-magnetic models require external power.



Insertion DualPulse Flowmeter features

  • IP68 (NEMA6) submersible 316SS construction.
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow range.
  • Rugged & compact design.Intrinsically safe hazardous area versions.
  • Integral or remote pre-amplifiers & flow instruments.
  • DP525 version suitable for “hot tap” installation.
  • BI-Directional Flow Measurement

Trimec Insertion DualPulse Flowmeter suitable applications

Applications include:

  • HVAC
  • Hot & chilled water
  • Fire systems
  • Water distribution (management & treatment)
  • Boiler feed water
  • Hydrant flow testing

DP490 & DP525 Insertion DualPulse Flowmeter Specifications

DP49 DP525
Suit pipe sizes 40~900mm 50~200mm
Pipe connection 1.5" or 2" BSPT or NPT male 2: BSPT or NPT male
Flow Range
0.25 ~ 6300 litres/sec
(4~99600 USGM)
0.4 ~ 49000 litres/sec
(6~780000 USGM)
Flow Velocity 0.0 ~ 10 metres/sec
Linearity typically + 1.5% with well-established flow profile
Temparature Range -40°c ~ +150°c
Maximum Pressure 80 bar (1160 psig)
Materials  316SS body & rotor shaft, PVDF rotor (PEEK rotor optional)
Pulse Outputs 
Reed Switch 30Vdc x 200mA (max), Nom. 0 ~ 80hz* 
Hall effect  3 wire NPN, 5 ~ 24 Vdc, 20mA (max), Nom. 0 ~ 240hz
Voltage Pulse Self-generated voltage. Nom. 0 ~ 240hz
Non-magnetic Sensor 3 wire NPN, 5 ~ 24 Vdc, 20mA (max), Nom. 0 ~ 240hz 
Optional outputs  4 ~ 20mA, scaled pulse, quadrature pulse, flow alarms or two stage batch control
Protection Class IP68 (NEMA6), integral ancillaries can be supplied I.S. (intrinsically safe) 


 * Reed Switch resolution is 1/3rd that of the NPN Hall Effect or Voltage pulse outputs.

DP490 & DP525 Insertion DualPulse Flowmeter Document Download



Flow Type: Liquid Flow Meters