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Our full range of quality equipment includes: Flow Meters & Flow Computers, Level & Content Measurement,

Temperature Monitoring, Batch Controllers, Pressure Gauges

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Flow Instrumentation & Process Control

The Multipulse range of positive displacement flowmeters offer a high level of accuracy and repeatability.




These precision meters are used for flow rate measurement in flow monitoring and control applications and for totalising in dispensing and batching. Multipulse meters are suitable for use with a wide range of clean liquids including viscous lubricants, chemicals, food bases and non-conductive low viscosity solvents either pumped or gravity fed.

Small Capacity Flow Meters provide precise flow measurement of small quantities of liquids or low flow rates across a broad range of industries. The small capacity positive displacement flow meter produces a high level of accuracy and repeatability. Typically, small capacity positive displacement flow meters are used in dosing and batching viscous lubricants, chemicals, fuel additives, catalysts, emulsifiers, food bases as well as non-conductive low viscosity solvents.

Medium Capacity Flowmeters provide precise volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids found in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint & petroleum. Applications include the distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols, solvents, blending of bio & ethanol fuels, metering of chemicals, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides & non-conductive liquids either pumped or gravity fed.

Large Capacity Flowmeters are suited for receipt verification, loading, un-loading & distribution management at petroleum depots, mine sites, marine & aviation facilities. Common transfer applications involving fuels, oils, solvents, alcohols along with the blending of bio & ethanol fuels either pumped or gravity fed.

Flow Type: Liquid Flow Meters
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